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"Bailey ... Heart's Desire"
Boyds Collection Bearstone Series
First Edition (1E)

Boyds Bearstone Bailey ... Heart's Desire


"Bailey ... Heart's Desire" features Bailey Bear holding a box of chocolate candy. 
She is wearing an oversized sweater adorned with a large red heart.  On the back of her sweater are the words "Love Conquers All".
This has always been one of Boyds more popular Bearstones.
There is a lot of detail to this figurine.
This figurine is in perfect condition and comes in the original box.
Boyds Bearstone Bailey ... Heart's Desire
Released & Retired:  1996
SIZE:  3.25 inches high & 3 inches wide

Boyds Bearstone Bailey ... Heart's Desire 1E

Here is a picture of the bottom, with the quote:
"Love comforteth like sunshine after rain." - Shakespeare
~ Only ONE is available ~
Order:  #2272-1E
Price:  $50.00



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