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Boyds Dollstone Betsy with Edmund ... the Patriots

"Betsy with Edmund ... the Patriots"
Dollstone Series
Issued:  Spring 1996
Retired:  2000
Premiere Edition:  #3236
This Dollstone is a "Premiere Edition", meaning that it was first introduced on QVC before it was released to the stores.
Premiere Editions are more rare than other versions.
"Betsy" was part of the first set of Dollstones to debut on QVC.
This Dollstone is in perfect condition; has never been displayed. 
It will come in its original  box, which is also in good condition.

Boyds Dollstone Betsy with Edmund ... the Patriots

Here is a picture of the bottom. 
"I, for one, know of no sweeter sight for a man's eyes than his own country."  -  Homer
SIZE:  4 inches high
Base measures approximately 4-1/4" wide x 2.5" deep

Boyds Dollstone Betsy with Edmund ... the Patriots

The colors and details on this Dollstone show a great example of Boyds creativity.
We will also include one of the original Dollstone brochures from 1996.
~ Only ONE is available ~
Order:  #3503-PE
Price:  $45.00
* Now on Sale for $24.00 *

Boyds Dollstone

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