Critter & Company Series

The Tuxedo Gang
by The Boyds Collection


All of the Boyds figurines are hand-numbered on the bottom with an edition number, along with the figure number.  For example:  2E/2390 means the figurine is from the second edition and is #2390 within that edition.
Many collectors enjoy collecting first editions which will be numbered as 1E, and then the item number.
1E figures are more rare to find, and there can be small differences within the various editions.  There could be a price difference within the various editions.

Widdle Coldfin Ornament - photo copyright 2012 CollectiblesRome

"Widdle Coldfin ... Peace" 
Tuxedo Gang Series Ornament
This cute penguin is holding a pillow that says "Peace".  His hat, scarf, and the pillow are accented with sparkling snow.
 Comes in original Boyds box
Introduced 2000   *    Retired 2001
** Only TWO Left in Stock  *
Order:  #25804
Price Was:  $12.00     *     Now:  $8.00

Boyds Collection  Critter and Company Series

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