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"Beatrice ... The Birthday Angel"
Boyds Collection Folkstone Series
**  Version 2  **
Third Edition (3E)

Boyds Folkstone Beatrice ... The Birthday Angel

Boyds Folkstone Beatrice ... The Birthday Angel

This Folkstone is in perfect condition; has never been displayed.
She will come in the original box, with certificate.
This Folkstone Angel is a popular one for birthday gifts.  The Angel is holding a birthday cake, and the pink sash says "Time Flies ... Have Fun".  At the Angel's feet are books for "experiences", "contentment", and "wisdom".
When this figurine was first released, there were problems with some of the features, so this second version came about.
The candles on the headpiece are shorter than the first version, and the pink sash on the front is different.
The painting is vibrant & very well done, with lots of fun details.
Issued: 1995     *     Retired:  1995
SIZE:  7-1/4 inches high

Boyds Folkstone Beatrice ... The Birthday Angel

Here is a picture of the bottom, with the quote:
"Don't ever let yourself forget what it's like to be sixteen." - Anonymous
~ Only ONE is available ~
Order:  #2825
Price:  $30.00

Boyds Folkstone Beatrice ... The Birthday Angel



Boyds Folkstone Angel

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