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Derevo Collection
Each Derevo Collection Santa is a limited edition and individually hand crafted, hand-numbered, and comes in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Each figure is an original work of art painted freehand in the Russian artistic tradition by a small group of specially trained artists.
The result of this difficult process is a magnificent collection of limited edition figures that embody all of the artistic genius and cultural history of Russian art.
~ Retired ~
Derevo Collection
Wilderness Santa Series
G. DeBrekht Wonderland Santa at Collectiblesrome.com
Limited Edition / 600 pcs.
SIZE:  8 inches high x 8.75 inches wide
* Introduced 2008 *  Retired  2009 *
This is a larger than usual Santa from the Derevo Series.
This magnificent work of art is all hand painted and features Old World styling and detail.
The back looks like tree bark and Santa and the design appear to be coming out of the wood.
Two small birds rest on Santa's hands, and a beautiful painted scene of a village in the snow appears on the front of the design.

G. DeBrekht Wonderland Santa at Collectiblesrome.com

Here is a picture of the back side of this Santa.
The decorative scroll work on his robe is traditional in design.
During the delicate painting process, the artist applies layer after layer of the paint again and again, until the desired depth is achieved.
Every layer is applied without guidelines, and the artists can rely only on their skill and talent.
The detail on the painting is outstanding!
Amazing painting!

G. DeBrekht Wonderland Santa at Collectiblesrome.com

Here is a close-up of Santa and the birds. 
This Santa has a very expressive face.
Order:  #511431
Price:  $185.00
Sale Price:  $148.00


On some items, you will see "Retired".
That means DeBrekht is no longer making that item -
we still have it available as long as it appears on our website.

G. DeBrekht  - Derevo Collection

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