Harmony Kingdom
"Pen Pals"
Large Treasure Jest
"Pen Pals"
Treasure Jest Series
by Peter Calvesbert
Made in England

This grouping of pigs is a very early carving of Peter Calvesbert.
The earliest version of the box figurine had "SAC" on the side between the legs of the smaller pig.   In later versions, only the "C" remains.
The mouse appears in full on the gate. 
This mouse pre-dates by a year and a half the signature mouse added to Peter's work.
Date Released:  March 1991
Date Retired:  April 2000

The interior of the box is empty and smooth, without any extra decoration.
This being an early carving, there are no hallmarks.
This Retired Treasure Jest will come in its original box, with all paperwork.  It is in mint condition, and has never been displayed.
Order:  #TJLPI
Price was:  $65.00
Sale price:  $55.00

"Pen Pals" Treasure Jest

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