Harmony Kingdom
"Rocky's Raiders"
Treasure Jest
"Rocky's Raiders"  -  Version One
Treasure Jest Series
by Peter Calvesbert
Made in England

Rocky raccoon and his three friends have been caught in the midst of a robbery.  Having ransacked a house for valuables, they make their escape through the garden.
Unfortunately, they are delayed by the antics of Tubs the Turtle who is hanging onto one raccoon's ear.  Another raccoon will have to rescue the youngest member of the gang who is stuck inside a tree trunk.
Rocky himself is tempted by a bottle of champagne that Peter and Andrea had saved from their South African honeymoon.
Peter's mouse hides in another tree trunk.
Inside the box are the stolen items: camera, watch, ring, necklace, pen, and a bag of money.
Hallmarks include the copyright sign (but not shown on the first edition of 3000), 
a heart, the HBC logo, edition #, and PC.
SIZE:  2.36" x 2.24" x 2.4" high
Date Released:  January 1998
Date Retired:  April 2000

The inside of the box shows the stolen items.
The hallmarks are shown, and there is no copyright sign, meaning that this box is a First Edition.
This Retired Treasure Jest will come in its green box.
It is in mint condition.
~ Only ONE is available ~
Order:  #TJRC      *      Price:  $55.00

"Rocky's Raiders" Treasure Jest

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