Harmony Kingdom
"Slow Dance"
Large Treasure Jest
"Slow Dance"  -  Version One
Treasure Jest Series
by Peter Calvesbert
Made in England

Slow Dance Treasure Jest - photo copyright 2007 CollectiblesRome

Slow Dance Treasure Jest - photo copyright 2007 CollectiblesRome

Peter was inspired by some snapping turtles at a marina in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, while attending the Clair de Lune Convention in 2000.   He was about to hold a carving demonstration at the convention.
The turtles on "Slow Dance" are dressed in Roaring Twenties style to commemorate the convention's 1920s theme & swing dance competition.
The lady turtle looks elegant in her plume and feather boa, but her long necklace seems to have come undone, and pearls roll underfoot.  
The gentleman turtle sloshes his drink on his dance partner while Peter's signature mouse hides out in a hole in his hat.
Date Released:  12-2000
Date in Stores:  3-2001
Date Retired:  10-2003

Slow Dance Treasure Jest - photo copyright 2007 CollectiblesRome

The turtles on Version 1 have competition numbers pinned to their backs:  "1" on the male and "22" on the female. 
The interior of Version 1 features a baby turtle and more loose pearls.
The various hallmarks are located along the base, and we have 1st Edition or 1st Mould available.
This Retired Treasure Jest will come in its original box, with all paperwork.  It is in mint condition, and has never been displayed.
~ Only ONE is available ~
Order:  #TJTU4      *      Price:  $55.00

"Slow Dance" Treasure Jest

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