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Featured here are some one-of-a-kind early Classic Boyds Bearstones.
 In the early days of Bearstones, Folkstones, & Dollstones,  numbers below 150 were not released to the general public; they went to Boyds employees.    So, it has always been difficult to find these low numbers available to collectors.
However, there have been instances where the Boyds employees have sold their collections.
Because of the unique status of these retired Boyds, all sales are final on retired items.

"Christmas Big Pig / Little Pig"
Limited Edition 1994
Signed by Gary Lowenthal

"The Flying Lesson ... This End Up"
Bearstone Series
Limited Edition 1997
First Edition:  January / #25
Issued:  1997
Retired:  1997
This Bearstone is in perfect condition; has never been displayed. 
It will come in its original green box, which is also in good condition.
I have noticed that most of these pieces that are low numbers, also have very good painting, with no drips or misses.   This figure is painted perfectly!
This is a very unusual Musical!
When you wind the bottom key, the little baby bear rotates on a wire and it plays
"When You Wish Upon a Star".
It is hand-written on the bottom - January edition / #25.
ORDER:  #22781
PRICE:  $100.00



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Classic Boyds Bearstones

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