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Featured here are some one-of-a-kind early Classic Boyds Bearstones.
 In the early days of Bearstones, Folkstones, & Dollstones,  numbers below 150 were not released to the general public; they went to Boyds employees.    So, it has always been difficult to find these low numbers available to collectors.
However, there have been instances where the Boyds employees have sold their collections.
Because of the unique status of these retired Boyds, all sales are final on retired items.

"Etheral ... Angel of Light"
also known as "The Blue Angel"
1996 Limited Edition G.M.'s Choice Folkstone
Rare Prototype

"Angel of Peace" 1E
Rare Original Version with low number

"Rufus ... Hoe Down" 1E
"Elmer ... Been Farmin' Long?"  1E
Rare Original Version with low number

"Liddy Pearl ... How Does Your Garden Grow"
1998 Limited Edition
Folkstone Series
Issued:  1998
Retired:  1998
This Folkstone is in perfect condition; has never been displayed.
She will come in the original box.
Liddy Pearl was the first bear Folkstone.
There is a lot of detail on this large figure.
Liddy Pearl is looking at a large bee on her sunflower.   The stem of the sunflower is painted pewter.
She stands about 8 inches high.

Quote on the bottom:
"Love ... is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same."  -  Helen Keller
This was one of the most popular Boyds Limited Editions when it was released.
ORDER:   #2881
PRICE WAS:   $95.00
SALE:  $49.00



Folkstone "Siegfried and Egon ... The Sign" - photo copyright 2010 CollectiblesRome

"Siegfried & Egon ... The Sign" - 1E
Folkstone Series
Issued: 1995
Retired:  1998
This is the original version from 1995.  There was a later re-designed version.
This Folkstone is in perfect condition; has never been displayed.
It will come in the original box.
Quote on bottom:
 "Promise, Large Promise, is the Soul of an Advertisement." - Samuel Johnson.
ORDER:   #2899-1E
PRICE:   $40.00


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Classic Boyds Bearstones

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