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Boyds Town Depot


"Boyds Town Depot... Bearsylvania Station"

WITH   "Boyds Town Depot Accessory Set"
Edition:  3E SET
Boyds Town residents line up to take the train into the city for day trips.   There is always something interesting happening at the Depot.    6" high. 
  Accessory Set includes Box Car Billy (hobo),  Whichway Corrigan,  Push & Pulley on rail cart
Introduced Fall 2001
~ Retired Spring 2002 ~
~ Only ONE set left in stock  ~ 3E (Third Edition) ~

Order:  #19018

Price was:  $50.00  for Depot & Accessory Set

Sale Price:  $39.00




"Bailey's Cozy Cottage"
Accessory Set
3 pcs - includes friends: Emily Babbit,  Matthew,  Wilson
Released Fall 2000   *   Retired 2001
Order:  #19502-1     *       Price was:  $12.00
Sale Price: $9.00


"Chapel in the Woods"
Accessory Set
Three pieces - includes Hope & Faith (the twins), Reverend Bruin, and Justina & Melvin Lowenbruin
Released Spring 2000   *   Retired 2001
Order:  #19503-1
Price was:  $12.00
Sale Price: $9.00


"Kringle's Retreat ... Winter Wishes"
Boyds Town Series Water Globe
2000 Limited Edition
On Sale
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Boyds Bearly Built Villages

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