G. DeBrekht
Artistic  Studios
The Masterpiece Collection
Artists at G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios have created their Masterpiece Collection of individually hand carved wood figures, each hand painted with original scenes & traditional Russian folk art designs.
The pieces in this Collection are highly limited - some are so intricate that only 3 or 4 can be completed in a year's time.
Each one of these is a true work of art!!  Each is hand signed on the bottom by the Russian artist - and each is numbered & comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Larger Masterpiece Santas (8" to 13")

"Oh Holy Night" Santa
Masterpiece Collection
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Medium Sized Masterpiece Santas (6" to 7.5")

Village Celebration
Santa With Bird
Version 1
Masterpiece Collection
* SALE *

"Carver Santa"
Masterpiece Collection
* SALE *

"Rocking Chair Santa"
Masterpiece Collection
* SALE *


Mini Magnifying Glass
Stands 3 inches high.
See all the tiny & exquisite details painted on each DeBrekht Figure.
Order:  #59099-6      *      Price:  $10.00
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Sale Items Do NOT Qualify for Free Shipping
We will ship by UPS or Priority Mail, which ever is the more affordable.
On some items, you will see "Retired".
That means DeBrekht is no longer making that item -
we still have it available as long as it appears on our website.

G. DeBrekht  -  The Masterpiece Collection

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