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Collectors Club for 1998

Harmony Kingdom

The 1998 Collectors Club Kit was the third one released by Harmony Kingdom.
We have a few of these 1998 Kits in perfect condition, still in the original box.
The Kits are Retired, and you are not able to join the Club by purchasing one of these Kits.
Below are pictures of the items from the boxed kit.
Order:  # RWIGK98
Price was:  $65.00 per boxed kit
Sale price:  $48.00 per kit
~ Only ONE Kit Available ~

Harmony Kingdom 1998 Royal Watch Collector Club Kit - photo copyright 2006 CollectiblesRome

The 1998 Royal Watch Collectors Kit comes in a green box with a black plastic handle on the end.
Included is the Treasure Jest box called "Mutton Chops".
Also, you receive the Cat Lapel Pin.
There are also included brochures describing Harmony Kingdom pieces available at that time.
Order:  # RWIGK98

"Mutton Chops"
This box figurine was made by master carver Peter Calvesbert.
Made in England
Retired 12-1-98
Based on the Aesop Fable of a wolf in sheep's clothing, this box figurine features two placid sheep and a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing.
The initials "TYLS" on the inside of the top portion stands for "Thank you Lynn Stryck", the collector who suggested this idea to Peter.

Inside the box are two lamb chops.
Peter's famous mouse is tucked in the lamb's wool on the wolf's back.
Hallmarks include the copyright, diamond, HBC logo, edition number, and PC.

The label on the bottom of the box identifies the box as having been made in England.
It also says "not for resale". 
SIZE:  About 2.5" wide  x  2" high

"Cat Pin"
Here is the Cat Pin, featuring three startled cats.
The pin was made exclusively for the Club Kit by Peter Calvesbert, master carver for Harmony Kingdom.
There were some color variations on the Cat Pin ... the picture shown here is a photo of the pin included in our kits.

The label on the Cat Pin identifies it as having been made in England.
The label also says "not for resale", which was only on the first releases of the club kit.
SIZE:  2" high  x  2-1/4" wide

Harmony Kingdom

Harmony Kingdom  -  Collectors Club for 1998

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