Harmony Kingdom
NetsUKe  Series
Peter Calvesbert

Harmony Kingdom

Harmony Kingdom's NetsUKe Collection is handcrafted of crushed marble & resin with the look and feel of ivory.

Inspired by Japanese netsuke, these elegant animal figurines share many characteristics with their Japanese predecessors.
 Both miniature art forms are carved on all sides, combine elegance with whimsy and come from island countries:    the historical netsuke from the Edo period in Japan (spanning the early 17th  thru late 19th centuries) and your present day NetsUKe from Gloucestershire, England.
These are NOT boxes; they are solid figures.


Harmony Kingdom NetsUKe - Waddles
~ Only ONE is available ~
"Waddles"  -  Duck
NetsUKe  Series
There is no mouse on this figurine.  However, there is a touch of humor;  look for a faint "xxxk" inscription on the underside of the right wing.
Solid resin figure;  does not open as a box.
Introduced 1-2000
Retired 2012
ORDER:  #TJNDU       *        PRICE:  $30.00

Harmony Kingdom

Harmony Kingdom  -  Netsuke Series

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