Rowe Pottery salt glaze stoneware

Hand-crafted salt-glaze pottery  is achieved by throwing crude salt into the kiln when the fire is intense. The salt instantly vaporizes to create a transparent glaze.
 The salt-glaze stoneware is truly indicative of early times, but adapted for everyday use.
Rowe Pottery Works
"Rolling Hoop"
Stoneware Bank
Rowe Pottery Works Stoneware Bank Rowe Pottery Works Stoneware Bank
Here is a salt glaze stoneware pottery bank made by Rowe Pottery Works in 1990.
The design goes around the bank and shows a boy with a stick who is rolling a hoop; his dog is running ahead through trees and the countryside.
The design style is called sgrafitto, a term used to describe a decorative design that is scratched into the top layer of unfired pottery and then accented with paint.  The traditional gray color of the stoneware is accented with cobalt blue painting. 
Even though the bank has a slot to put money, I would not suggest that you actually use it as a bank.  There is no opening to retrieve the money!  The bank makes an outstanding display item with other stoneware pieces or with a collection of banks.
The potter's mark is "KZ", and that is Craig Kitzman, an experienced potter who was at Rowe for many years.
The Rowe logo stamp seemed to have shifted when being applied, and the date is a bit difficult to read.
 The bank is first pictured in the 1991 catalog; it was also pictured in the 1994 and 1995 catalogs, and was then retired.
Rowe Pottery Works Stoneware Bank
Rowe Pottery Works Stoneware Bank
SIZE: 7 inches high x 4 inches diameter

The bank is in excellent condition, and was only used as a display item in a closed case; there are no cracks or chips. 

The Rowe Pottery company has changed ownership a few times since 2003, but this bank was made when Jim Rowe still owned the business.
Order:  #RP-3807
Price:  $38.00
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