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 Spring 2003 Special Event


"Bailey's Ol' Trunk"

"Bailey's Ol' Trunk"
Boyds 2003 Special Event - BAILEY'S OL' TRUNK  -  photo copyright 2010 CollectiblesRome
Celebrate The Bearstone
with the Bearstone Anniversary Set
The set features miniature replicas of the first five Bearstones ever produced ...
"Grenville with Green Scarf"
"Father Chrisbear and Son"
"Bailey Bear with Suitcase"
"A Mother's Love"
"Neville ... The Bedtime Bear"
Plus ... Antique-style displayer - "Bailey's Ol' Trunk"
Each miniature is about 2" high.
Only $48.00 for set of 5 miniatures with displayer
Order  #02003-71
Price Was:  $48.00       *       Price Now:  $34.00

Boyds Spring 2003 Special Event

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