G. DeBrekht
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Whimsical Snowmen
Each Snowman is hand-numbered & comes in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying its edition size, quality, & heritage.
The result of this difficult process is a magnificent collection of limited edition figures that embody all of the artistic genius and cultural history of Russian art.
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"Enchanted Flurry Snowman"

Whimsical Snowmen Series

DeBrekht "Enchanted Flurry" Snowman - photo copyright 2009 CollectiblesRome

DeBrekht "Enchanted Flurry" Snowman - photo copyright 2009 CollectiblesRome

This Snowman is holding a little bird in each hand, while a brilliant red cardinal perches atop his hat.
His colorful robe has elaborate designs, along with some small scenes painted on the front.
The tiny hand painted details on this Santa are really remarkable!   There are sparkling glitter accents on portions of the designs.
Limited Edition / 900 pcs.
SIZE:  5.25" high     *     Introduced 2008  *  Retired
Order:  #543141G
 Price Was:  $96.00
Sale Price:  $55.00

~ Retired ~

G. DeBrekht Lightholder Snowman - photo copyright 2011 CollectiblesRome

G. DeBrekht Lightholder Snowman - photo copyright 2011 CollectiblesRome

"Lightholder Snowman" Votive Candle Holder
This Snowman Candle Holder is the only votive candle holder known to be made by G. DeBrekht;  it dates to 2000 and is retired.  This is a very rare DeBrekht item & was not pictured in early catalogs.
Made of a ceramic material, it is all hand painted.  The tiny painted designs on the hat and mittens are remarkably detailed.
He comes with a certificate of authenticity, but was not originally packaged in a DeBrekht box.  We have packaged him in a sturdy gift box for you.
He has been personally hand-signed on the bottom by Andre Gabricht, the owner and designer of the company.
SIZE:  6.5" high     *     Introduced 2000 - Retired 2001
~  Only TWO are available ~
Order:  #54014 
Price:  $38.00
Sale Price:  $28.00
On some items, you will see "Retired".
That means DeBrekht is no longer making that item -
we still have it available as long as it appears on our website.

G. DeBrekht  Whimsical Snowmen

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