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Frank Workman
An announcement was made in July 2011 from Fenton Art Glass that they are shutting down production of traditional glassware, which includes the collectible items and home decor and figurines.
As items sell out on our website, we will remove them for ordering.
The Artistry of Frank Workman
Visitors at Fenton Art Glass watch in awe as glass artisan Frank Workman sits at his finisher’s bench and carefully applies a molten thread of glass to a vase. Within a few minutes, Frank has deftly fashioned the thread into an intricate zigzag pattern whose bright color contrasts perfectly with the hue of the vase. His audience applauds as Frank holds the vase aloft momentarily for all to see.
Since joining Fenton in 1996, Frank has mastered all the traditional skills of the glassmaker. In recent years, he has worked closely with master glass artisan Dave Fetty and taken on some of the most challenging jobs in our factory.

However, Frank most enjoys working “off hand,”

producing vases and similar objects witha basic mould and creating vivid decorative motifs ranging from hanging hearts and thin threadsto amazing swirls, twists and exaggerated geometric patterns.

2007 Connoisseur Collection
Fenton Glass "Circumthread" Black and Orange Vase - photo copyright 2010 CollectiblesRome
"Circumthread" Vase
by Dave Fetty & Frank Workman
Black glass rolled in Orange frit is mouth blown and then meticulously threaded with thin cords of hot Black glass.
This magnificent vase is designed by glass artisans Dave Fetty and Frank Workman.
Only Fenton creates such a vase!
Each vase is stamped on the bottom with Dave Fetty's special mark, and is hand numbered with the edition.
 Size:  9.5" high
    Limited Edition of 750    
Introduced Summer 2007
~  Retired September 2007 ~
Order:  #8973-54
Price:  $295.00
On some items, you will see "Retired".
That means Fenton is no longer making that item - we still have it available as long as it appears on our website.
~ All Sales Final on Retired Fenton Glass ~

Fenton Art Glass - Frank Workman Collection

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